How do you make learning fun and convenient? With a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop!

Unlike a conference, a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop is a local event where wedding pros, like you, can come and get ideas to use in your businesses. The atmosphere is more informal, fostering networking and sharing of ideas. I’ll present different topics in different cities, reflecting the specific needs of the local market, and taking into account topics I may have already presented there. What kinds of topics? From Closing More Sales to Improving Website Conversion, Getting Better Response to your Emails to Marketing and Reviews, these topics will give you lots of those nuggets you can take back, and put right to work making you more money.

“Wow, your Pop-Up Workshop yesterday was fantastic!  You cover so much in a short amount of time and we now have many points to work on in our business.” – Tom Jay, Studio Jay, Prineville, OR

“I always look forward to Alan Berg speaking at a wedding industry event. He’s straight up. No sugar coating. Very motivating. I like that.” – Darlene Taylor, Taylormade Weddings, Winchester, VA

Want to find out more? Scroll down for a short video and more info. Then, call me, email me, text, or use the short form on this page to check availability and costs, 646 247 1764, international inquiries 001 7646 247 1764.

See the 4 Easy Steps for arranging a workshop for your local association

Find out how to have Alan come and do a workshop for your local association, including some creative ways to make the finances work, even on a tight budget.

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Have Alan Berg CSP do a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop for you

Pop-Up Wedding Workshops are a fun alternative to a formal conference. Have questions about setting up a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop in your area.

Email me,  text, call, or use the short form on this page to check my availability and costs, 646 247 1764, international enquiries 001 646 247 1764.

How is this different than a conference?

Great question. Conferences are wonderful events, with multiple speakers and classes, many times they last multiple days. A Pop-Up Wedding Workshop is only part of one day, in your area, so you can get back to your office, studio or family, without much interruption to your schedule.

How long is a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop?

Typically they run 3 to 5 hours, but the location and the venue will determine the actual time in your city. So, figure about 1/2 a day, which is great because you can fit it in and still get a lot of other things done that day. If you’d like me to do a Pop-Up Wedding Workshop in your area, we can schedule it for morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever works best for your attendees.

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