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To win direct bookings, hospitality companies must take part in what’s essentially a numbers game—and smaller hotels need to implement a particularly strategic approach.

The truth? Competing online may seem cost-prohibitive, but boutique hotels can level the playing field by using the same techniques as large chains. This will virtually eliminate the need for online travel agents (OTAs), which tend to charge hefty fees and take away from the overall guest experience.

Here’s the thing: Innovative marketing technologies can carry boutique hotels through every step of the guest lifecycle. All it takes is the right partner. Yet to simplify your digital marketing in today’s complex world, everything must work in tandem.

With that, go ahead and take the five following steps to get started on your journey. You’ll soon be well-positioned to stop depending on OTAs.

Hospitality Storytelling Fix Post-COVID-19

The travel industry is going through another transformational change. As industry pundits debate on the when and how the travel industry will return to the way it was, we are on the slow road to recovery. Today, most hospitality companies operate their businesses in a startup mode with smaller teams and budgets, no outside agencies, and limited internal resources. So, how do hospitality owners and operators generate travel demand in a slow recovery marketplace and get results with less? And how do marketers tell their stories and keep guests engaged as they dream of traveling again?

Digital Budgeting 2019

With budgeting season comes the opportunity to re-vamp your hotel's digital strategy. Watch HEBS Digital on-demand webinar to learn more about the initiatives to consider when developing a 2019 marketing budget.

2019 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook

A strong economy, rising global consumer purchasing power, and digital innovation have all fueled record growth in the travel and hospitality industry. But there are still several challenges that could throw the industry off course in 2019. What are the biggest trends likely to shape hospitality, airlines, cruises, and ground transportation in the year ahead?

Website Page Speed Insights - News from Google

At Google, we know that speed matters and we provide a variety of tools to help everyone understand the performance of a page or site. Historically, these tools have used different analysis engines. Unfortunately, this caused some confusion because the recommendations from each tool were different. Today, we're happy to announce that Pagespeed Insights (PSI) now uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine.