The Award Winning smartCMS

Today, a hotel website must incorporate the right balance of excellent design, state-of-the-art CMS technology, robust merchandising capabilities, and engaging visual and textual content, while providing optimum user experience from top to bottom.

Easy-to-use and intuitive capabilities built specifically for the hospitality industry are just the beginning. The smartCMS® fuels your personalization strategy, data-driven display, real-time rates, and intent marketing to reach past and future guests throughout the 360-degree customer lifecycle. At the end of the day, we are hoteliers who built this platform for hoteliers. We know how disconnected hospitality marketing can be, and we strive to fix that by bringing it all together under one roof. 

The smartCMS® features include: 

  • Smart Personalization Engine for targeted, one-to-one marketing and merchandising
  • Advanced Merchandising Module to convert lookers into bookers
  • Rooms Showcase Module to display accommodations in a tactical and eye-catching format to boost upsells
  • Smart Booking Widget to provide a user-friendly booking journey while securing conversion-focused reservations
  • Reservation Recovery Application Suite to win back those abandoned bookings
  • Website Design Themes to keep the look-and-feel of the hotel website fresh and crisp
  • Multi-Language capabilities that enable authentic foreign language content across the entire site.
  • Calendar of Events to highlight in-house and local events, positioning your property as the hero of the destination
  • And the list goes on! 

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