All-inclusive Guest Marketing & Direct Channel Revenue solution

For Boutique Hotels to increase direct bookings

Reduce Distribution Cost. Increase Digital Engagements 

Now you can effectively compete online and win direct bookings. We provide a complete end-to-end digital solution appropriately called Rainmaker for boutique hotels and small hospitality venues becuase it will increase direct revenues and reduce your cost of sales and operational expenses. Our platform offers an all-inclusive digital ecosystem to drive demand. Search engine optimization, website, PMS, booking engine, channel manager, and reputation management are all connected into one technology platform to operate your online direct channel revenue and demand generating digital activities. 

For many small hotel companies, it is cost-prohibited to compete online. We level the playing field by making it easy and affordable for you by enabling the same tech and methods used by big hotels. Innovative marketing technology shouldn't be out of reach. With The Hotelogist, it isn't.

We remove the entire complexity you face in the digital world using our Rainmaker's 5-methodology programmed into tech modules working in tandem to win your direct business. 

Perfect Visibility – Module 1

Includes access to a search visibility module that ensures that your organic visibility is perfect, up-to-date, and easy to find on all Google placements, Bing, and twenty other online platforms.

The planning journey is long and meandering. Visitors are cross-checking many sites at once, looking at pricing, quality, trust, efficiency, fun, and many other factors. It is complicated; however, the journey begins with a single search. Higher organic search relevance leads to better visibility and more website visitors. 

Benefits include:

  • Claiming, management, and optimization of all Google placements
  • Synchronization of content to online business listings and social platforms 
  • 360° Virtual Tour by Google StreetView 
  • Google Insights
  • Protection from third-party changes
  • Control of digital appearance

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Website Design – Module 2 

We will provide you with a new website designed to meet today's travelers' needs.

A fascinating website informs and emotionalizes and lets the guest book with ease, virtually having one foot in your lobby when they visit your website.

Before making a travel decision, a consumer has several micro-moments, where they go online for an immediate need. Google grouped these moments into four micro-planning sessions. Dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing. 

In record time, you can relaunch your website or create a new one with a design theme that meets travelers' needs as they experience each digital micro-planning moment.

Benefits include:

  • Save time and money by reducing existing website costs
  • Easy import of existing website
  • Free online Booking Engine and PMS
  • Free hosting & Google analytics setup
  • Quick and easy updating of content
  • Free SSL web security certificate
  • View visitors behavior
  • Search Engine Optimization of content 

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Reviews & Reputation - Module 3

We will provide you with a reputation management system of services that provides insightful analytics into areas or departments your guests rated and where improvements are needed. Positive reviews build consumer confidence, trust and ultimately drives more direct bookings.

Reviews significantly impact your reputation and play an essential role in the guest decision-making process. These reviews include booking platforms, rating portals, and social media. 

Benefits Include:

  • Direct Response
  • Continuous Responses 
  • Monitoring  
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Guest Sentiments Analysis 
  • Social Monitoring

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Demand Generation - Module 4

We will provide you with the ability to launch multi-channel targeted advertising campaigns to generate more visitors and higher website conversion rates. All 5 modules work in concert to produce the highest conversion rates possible from source markets and guest segments. 

Benefits Include:

  • Setup Facebook Ads and Google Ads in a single View
  • Get important campaign insights
  • View performance trends 
  • Get insights on return on ad spending (ROAS)
  • SEO – Optimize keywords 

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Distribution & Channel Management – Module 5

We will provide you with an innovative mobile-first booking engine and channel management solution for your sales distribution and yield management activities. There are no server or complicated software installations needed. We will monitor all your booking channels and inventory availability in one hub and synchronizing all actions with your PMS for a seamless booking and payment process.

Benefits include: 

  • No overbooking
  • Unreported vacancies
  • No payment confusions
  • Elimination of time and cost

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