Sales & Digital Marketing Training

The Hotelogist prides itself in creating new and unique training programs that support multiple hotel brands. Our programs and ideology are built upon the premise that people want to learn to broaden their professional knowledge. Training is not just a means to meet the business demands of today and tomorrow. It is a mechanism used to drive team member's satisfaction, which builds loyal guests, owners, and low turnover costs.

Training Programs

Connecting with Consumers Through the Travel Planning Journey 

  • We all know from experience that a lot goes into planning the perfect vacation, and with so many devices and planning resources, the journey is complex. According to a leisure travel study conducted by Phocuswright, 60% of respondents reported that a vacation was their largest discretionary purchase. In light of this, before making this large investment, travelers are thoughtfully taking time to research all the possibilities.
  • You will learn strategies to implement in order to reach travelers at every stage of their travel planning journey. It is crucial to be present at every step of the way in order to capture the attention of potential guests and nurture them through the path to a direct booking.

Private Sales Training Option

  • We spend 1 or 2 days with you and your team, whether you're a team of 1, 3, 12 or 50. You can have him spend the whole time together with your whole team, or split the day, partly on sales, partly discussing your website, marketing, advertising, analytics, and more. Every training is totally customized to your needs and goals. If you choose the 2-day option, on the first day he'll do the training, and then on the second day, you’ll work together to implement the ideas. You can ‘shadow’ your team on real appointments, answer emails together, talk through real customer issues, and more. 

Sales Training/Mastermind Day - A great Hybrid Option for you

  • For some companies, we spend the day, or days, with you and your team, sounds like a great idea, but it's a little out of your budget. A great option is to have him to yourself for part of the day, and then invite other local wedding and event pros, to come to collaborate with you in a small mastermind group. Whether you charge the other companies, or invite them as your guest (to thank them for the support they've given you), splitting the day is a great option. 

What are some of the topics we can discuss at your training day?

That’s a great question. As each training day is customized to you, we can make it as structured or informal as you’d like. Whether we do specific presentations or make it more conversational and collaborative, here are just some of the things we helped other businesses, just like yours, improve upon:

  • Responding to inquiries – how to reply to inquiries, whether through email, phone, your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger…, so you can convert more of your inquiries to conversations and sales.
  • The sales process – from inquiry to a conversation to sale, there are things that every sales team is doing that are hurting, rather than helping the process. Alan will analyze and streamline your process, so you can close more sales, faster and easier.
  • Website conversion – your website is your most important employee, and it has one job: get the inquiry. We can review your site and show how you can ‘reduce the friction’ so your site’s visitors make more inquiries (and then show you how to convert them – see above). We can conduct a website audit and show you all the missing gaps and revenue opportunities being missed. This includes a technical SEO, book direct strategy, content and merchandising audits.
  • The customer experience – people don’t buy rooms, or weddings, or events, they buy experiences, beginning with the sales and website experience. We can help your team create a more memorable customer experience.
  • Motivation and Inspiration – a well-trained team won’t perform at its highest unless they’re motivated and inspired. We will energize your team to take the actions you need to get your team performing at its peak.

For more information about having us come down to spend the day with you and your team, contact fill out the form below or contact us at or call 1-646-247-1764.