Simplify your content marketing

Elevate Your Story

Content experience solution that helps hotels tell their stories.

So much to market. So little time. So little budget. So little resource. 

Hoteliers are on the hook to constantly create pages of content and produce high conversion rates. The higher the quality, the higher the engagement and conversions, but that requires resources most teams don’t have.

Beautiful High-Impact content shouldn’t be out of reach. With The Hotelogist, it isn’t.

The Hotelogist's DirectHotel is a content experience solution that is custom designed for the hotel industry to drive higher brand engagement and direct booking conversion rates across the web and social media. It enables travel marketers to publish immersive rich media stories that bring travel experiences to life and at scale.

As thought-leaders in travel marketing, we understand the digital content needs of travelers. 

Before making a travel decision, a single consumer has several micro-moments, instances when they go online for an immediate need. Google grouped these micro-moments into 4 main areas, Dreaming, Planning, Booking, and Experience. With DirectHotel you will bring your destination stories to life at every stage of the travel planning journey and in every digital micro-moment.


Features & Benefits

Quick & Powerful Design

Create crisp, edge-to-edge content pages fast with user-friendly design tools — no CSS required (but there if needed). Auto-optimization maintains the quality of media for seamless viewing.


Get real-time results and custom-built reports via our powerful analytics dashboard. Calculate content ROI and take campaign analysis to the next level by

leveraging native integrations with the leading CRM and campaign tools.

Fully Responsive

One build to rule them all! Every content piece is responsive across all devices. All media uploaded is automatically optimized for device, speed, and size.

Socially Enabled

Every section, text block, image, and element is shareable across social platforms.


Scalable architecture built for enterprise use. No IT infrastructure required.

Campaign Automation

Without the need for designers or coders, easily produce digital marketing campaigns and leverage real-time data to optimize interactions with your story templates.

Integration Friendly

Seamless integration with your entire technology stack — CRM, DMP, CMS, ECOMM, ESP. We support easy connectivity to: Eloqua, Google Analytics, Marketo, SalesForce, Uberflip, Drift, and many more.

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