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How is an association workshop day different than our usual meetings?

Great question. Your association’s mission is to provide the best in education. When bringing Alan in you not only get his world-class expertise (he’s presented in 12 countries), you get to create an event that’s more than just an hour presentation and show the added value of membership to your group or association. Whether seasoned pros, or industry newcomers, your members will leave with real-world ideas they can use right away.

Sounds pricey. What are some ways that we can make this work for our association?

Alan’s been working with associations, like yours, for years, and your members know that you get what you pay for. We have some creative ways to make this work, even with the smallest of budgets. From VIP tickets to sponsorships, to adjacent Mastermind Days, Master Classes or Private training, Alan has the ideas to make this work for your association, the way it already has for so many. Want to find out how to make this work for your association.  Get a price quote and availability for having Alan do an Association Day: email, text, use the short form on this page, or call 646 247 1764, international 001 646 247 1764

How long is an association workshop day?

Typically running from 9 am until around 4 pm, your association workshop times will be customized to your association’s needs and area. You can choose to go morning/afternoon, or afternoon/evening, whichever works best for your group.

What will it cost to have our Association Workshop Day?

As Alan offers these domestically, and internationally, exact rates are quoted on a case by case basis, however they typically range from $6,875 to $8,375 per day, with most averaging around $7,500 per day, including Alan’s airfare (unless you’re lucky enough to schedule your workshop while Alan is already in your area for another event, which could save you a little). Want an exact quote? Email, text, use the short form on this page or call 646 247 1764, international 001 646 247 1764

Can we have Alan do a Master Class, Mastermind Day or Strategic Roundtable just for a small group?

Yes, of course. Alan can do a small-group Mastermind Day or Strategic Roundtable, much more focused on the needs of that group, either as a stand-alone, or adjacent to a workshop. These are a great way to provide additional education, and value to your members while offsetting some of the cost. Want to find out more? Email Alan, use the short form on this page or call 646 247 1764, international 001 646 247 1764

Who pays for Alan's travel?

If you can arrange your workshop when Alan is already in your area, you can save on his airfare. Depending upon the timing, the group may have to cover one or two nights of hotel. Unless Alan is driving to your city, he’ll need ground transportation to/from the venue.

Do the member businesses all have to be in the wedding & event industry?

No, while Alan typically speaks and trains in the wedding and event industry, the ideas are focused on business, not craft, so they do apply to many other businesses. If you have a specific business in mind, and you aren’t sure, just contact Alan and ask. Being a professional, he’ll tell you whether this format is, or isn’t appropriate for your group. Email Alan, text, use the short form on this page, or 646 247 1764, international 001 646 247 1764.

“Thank you for a very insightful NACE meeting.  I’m glad I attended and more than any other speaker I’ve seen you hit home on several topics.” – Dave Schaffer, Schaffer Sound, Media, PA