Digital Marketing Consultants

Our dedicated eCommerce Digital Manager is a virtual member of your team focusing on optimizing your website performance. Our goal is to ensure your long-term success, and we do so by providing you with the highest quality service and following hospitality industry best practices.  

The frequency of engagement with you depends on the level of service agreement. We typically hold monthly results and recommendation calls, based on the monthly report.

A distinguishing factor that separates our Digital eCommerce Managers is we focused on your website direct revenue. We address a broad array of business needs across your brand. We provide oversight and strategy to make sure your revenue targets are on track. We embrace all the best practices necessary to build a robust and competitive website, CRM, and digital marketing strategy.

Monthly Activities will include but not limited to the following support:

  1. Providing Solutions to meet your business needs including occupancy, seasonality, ad-hoc needs (site updates,etc.)
  2. Increasing leads and traffic from your customer segments: Meeting Planners, Group planners, Family, Leisure, Corporate
  3. Making Proactive Reviews and Recommendations
  4. Advise on new revenue-generating opportunities; digital marketing channels, technology applications, updates on the latest digital marketing/technology trends
  5. Ongoing evaluations of digital marketing initiatives, site performances, and sharing of the latest market research in the digital space
  6. Communications & reporting discussions to review your current projects, campaigns, and strategize new marketing initiatives
  7. Quarterly performance review & monthly reporting & analysis with recommendations for the upcoming month and quarter
  8. As needed digital marketing budget proposals: Annual digital marketing budget proposal
  9. Ongoing SEO and SEM and online media planning recommendations
  10. Project Management & Coordination Coordinates digital technology projects

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