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Our powerful and customizable survey solution to deliver better satisfaction.

  • Publish Guest Reviews on TripAdvisor
  • Drive more Bookings and Increase your Hotel's Reviews, Ratings & Rankings on TripAdvisor.
  • TripAdvisor rankings are calculated based on ratings, the number of reviews and freshness of the review. We help you to improve all the 3 factors.

Simple 2 step review collection process.

  • Increase in guest response rate Quick and Easy PMS Integration
  • Make your Guests feel Special with Pre Check-in Surveys!
  • Capture Guest   Preferences even before they Check-in. Our Pre Check-in emails help you design the perfect guest experience by understanding their needs before they arrive. Upsell services and offers to your guests.
  • Simplify and enrich your feedback management process and enhance guest interaction - Design your own surveys and tag scoring metrics to measure performance at all levels and capture guest sentiments and ratings that influence your hotel’s reputation with Guest Sentiments feedback collection and management.
  • Get your guests to talk about you - Less or no reviews is equally harming as bad reviews. Engage guests effectively using Guest Sentiments’ feedback management and gather feedback that will help boost your reviews and rankings.


  • Onsite & Offsite Surveys - Create target specific surveys for Tablets, Mobiles or Emails to engage guests while they are in-house or post check-out using our easy to use feedback management tool. Provide  with simplified user experience and achieve higher survey participation rate
  • Configurable Q & A 
  • Sentiment score tagging 
  • Integrated templates for TripAdvisor 
  • Publish and market review 
  • Set real-time alerts

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